NOVA Hydraulic Power Units

NOVA Equipment has developed a new series of Hydraulic Power Units (HPU) for the oil industry.  Using our extensive background in manufacturing HPUs, we have incorporated several innovative features that are specifically designed to improve reliability, serviceability, and performance around the drilling rig.  We use only rugged and field proven axial-piston pumps with horsepower limiting controls.  We use a 304-stainless steel reservoir to eliminate internal and external corrosion.  A standard feature is a purpose designed Air/Oil Cooler to remove oil heating caused by idle-pump heating.  We hot dip-galvanize the steel Frame and Skid to minimize rust due to salt water atmosphere.  There is an option of either Air/Oil or Water/Oil Heat Exchanger on the Return lines to remove excessive heat (when required).  Immersion Heaters are a standard option for ambient temperatures down to -20 deg F.  All electrical equipment is rated for Class 1, Group C, D hazardous locations, with remote start/stop controls a standard option.  All voltages are from 400 VAC to 600 VAC and frequencies from 50 to 60 Hz are available.